Baker, Henry V: Hazel Kitzman Professor and Chair


Functional genomics – genetics regulatory networks

Dr. Baker’s research focus is in developing gene expression classifiers that can be used to diagnosis  illness, predict clinical course and ultimately responsiveness to therapy. Dr. Baker is a participating  investigator in Large Scale Collaborative Research Program Inflammation and the Host Response  (U54 GM-62118). His laboratory serves as one of three genomic cores for this program. The others  are Washington University School of Medicine and the Genomics Center at Stanford University.  He is a member of the computational analysis and modeling core of the program. The main goals  of this project are using microarrays to determine whether patterns of gene expression from  whole blood leukocytes can be used to identify trauma and burned patients at risk of developing MODS.

The Baker lab is also dedicated to assisting other researchers interested in applying the tools of   functional genomics including microarray technology and bioinformatics to medically important problems.



Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School , Ph.D., University of Maryland Baltimore County, B.A., University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Awards, Professional Service:

National Research Council – Howard Hughes Medical Institute Doctoral Fellowships in Biological Sciences, Genetics, and Molecular Biology  (1991-1994)

Teaching Responsibilities:

Director, BMS Advance Concentration, Genetics
GMS 6010 Yeast Genetics
GMS 6195 Chromatin Structure and Gene Expression.