MGM-Affiliated Graduate Courses

The faculty and staff of the Department of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology direct, participate in, and manage numerous graduate courses.

Here is a list of such courses and links to their web pages, when available.  Note that some courses are not offered every year, and some courses are offered only during parts of the semester (modules 1, 2, & 3 are consecutive 5 weeks blocks). List last updated on 4/6/2023.


Course Number Courses Title Semester/Module
GMS 6921 Immunology & Microbiology Journal Club Fall
GMS 6121 Infectious Diseases Spring (Distance Ed every semester)
GMS 6038 Bacterial Genetics & Physiology Fall, Module 1
BCH 7410 Advanced Gene Regulation Fall, Module 2
GMS 6153 Advanced Bacterial Genetics Fall, Module 2
GMS 6108 Bacterial Physiology, Antibiotics, and Genetics Fall (Distance Ed every semester)
GMS 6290 Genetics/Genomics Seminar
GMS 7133 Advanced Molecular Virology (Distance Ed every semester)
GMS 6290 Genetics Journal Colloquy
GMS 7191 Research Conference
GMS 6232 Advanced Applied Bioinformatics Fall, Module 1
GMS 6132 Introductory Gene and Immunotherapy (Distance Ed every semester)
GMS 6014 Application of Bioinformatics in Genetics Spring, Module 2
GMS 6034 Advanced Virology I, Genetics & RNA Viruses Spring, Module 1
GMS 6035 Advanced Virology II, RNA Viruses Spring, Module 2
GMS 6036 Advanced Virology III, DNA Viruses Spring, Module 3
GMS 6015 Human Genetics II Spring, Module 3
GMS 6196 Virology Journal Club Spring
GMS 7192 Journal Colloquy (Distance Ed every semester)