Boulant, Steeve
Associate Professor

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Steeve BoulantWe are studying how the intestinal epithelium combats enteric pathogens. We believe that to gain a comprehensive understanding of the molecular mechanisms regulating gut homeostasis (finely tuned balance between response against enteric pathogens vs. tolerance of commensals), an integrative system approach needs to be implemented and exploited. To achieve this, we combine stem cell biology, virology, genomics, bioengineering, and cell biology to dissect host/pathogen interactions at the intestinal mucosa surface. Our long-term goal is to develop technologies and cross disciplinary pipelines to tailor pharmacological interventions to both the host (patient specific, cell type specific or pathology specific) and the pathogen (norovirus, coronavirus, rotavirus, astrovirus).

Our work satellites around three axes:

    • Impact of the gut specific microenvironment on host/pathogen interactions
    • Single cell approach to define host/enteric pathogen interactions in tissue and tissue-like environments
    • Molecular definition of cellular polarity and its impact on intestinal epithelium functions and host/pathogen interactions

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