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Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology

Work alongside a distinguished group of researchers in Gene Expression, RNA Processing, DNA replication, Genomics, Gene Therapy, Molecular Basis of Disease, and the Mechanisms of Viral and Bacterial Pathogenesis.rnrnMGM plays a central role in several interdisciplinary research programs in the HSC. Affiliated centers include the UF Genetics Institute, the Powell Gene Therapy Center, the Center for Epigenetics, and the University of Florida Brain Institute.

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molecular Genetics & Microbiology In the News

UF-Tulane collaboration discovers new ways to study cancer-causing herpesviruses

Two heads are better than one, the saying goes, but in this case a collaboration of three investigators, each specializing in a different herpesvirus, proved to be far more than…

UF researchers discover new way to inhibit virus that causes COVID-19

When the virus that causes COVID-19 enters the body, it hijacks cellular proteins and suppresses the human inflammatory response, allowing the virus to spread. University of Florida researchers have discovered…

UF Health researchers’ new findings have implications for muscle development, disease

To allow movement and function, our muscles use tiny “contraction machines” inside of cells. Each on its own is too weak to move even a fingernail, but muscles can move…

UF Health enrolls first patient in clinical trial aimed at creating new treatment for COVID-19

University of Florida Health has enrolled its first patient in a clinical trial for the Regeneron Pharmaceuticals’ monoclonal antibody cocktail to treat COVID-19, a therapy that might neutralize the coronavirus…

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